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Finding the right Chiropractor is vital for you and your family's health. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in North Vancouver then look no further than Dr. Ali Akhavan. The North Vancouver Chiropractor takes a holistic approach at his clinic, and focuses not just on the immediate treatment but also on the long-term health and wellness of his patients.

A Vancouver Chiropractor who wants to make a difference

Dr. Ali Akhavan is a trusted Chiropractor in North Vancouver who seeks to correct the cause and not its effect. He wishes to assist you in your recovery rather than to intrude as a Chiropractor. North Vancouver patients will receive the highest quality chiropractic care where Dr. Akhavan will get to know you and tailor a treatment to best suit your individual needs.

The North Vancouver Chiropractor Clinic: Treatments Available

Some of the treatments available at Dr. Akhavan's North Vancouver Chiropractor clinic include:

Hands on Chiropractic Treatment

Low Level Laser Therapy

Active Release Therapy

Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy

A dedicated Chiropractor in North Vancouver

At the Chiropractor's Vancouver clinic Dr. Akhavan uses his skills to treat a wide range of health complaints. Chiropractic care helps with many non-surgical orthopaedic conditions, including; neck pain and back pain, disc injuries, nerve disorders, whiplash, headaches, migraines, joint stiffness and movement impairment, sports injuries, osteoarthritis, sciatica and many other neuromuscular disorders.

Chiropractors Vancouver: Why Choose Dr. Ali Akhavan?

Choosing Chiropractors in North Vancouver can seem like a daunting task. If you are looking for Chiropractors in North Vancouver then look no further than Dr. Ali Akhavan.

From your initial appointment at the Chiropractor's Vancouver clinic, Dr. Akhavan and his friendly team will put you at ease. A great believer in the innate intelligence of the human body, Dr. Ali Akhavan aims to bring balance and longevity to the body's entire system through quality care at the Chiropractor's North Vancouver clinic.

Vancouver Chiropractic Services Blog

Resistance Training for Weight Loss Resistance Training for Weight Loss

If you’ve packed on a few too many pounds, you know that extra body fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes. Your chiropractor will tell you that extra weight can contribute to low back pain. In fact, a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests the growing problem of low back pain may be... [More...]

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome- Can Chiropractic Help? Frozen Shoulder Syndrome- Can Chiropractic Help?

Although most people think chiropractic is just a treatment for sore backs, your chiropractor wants you to know that chiropractic can help a myriad of different conditions! In one such instance, a 53-year old woman reported complete relief from a condition known as frozen shoulder syndrome (FSS) following a course of chiropractic treatments. The adjustments... [More...]

Foods that Soothe Inflammation Foods that Soothe Inflammation

  Until recently most people associated inflammation with a narrow number of health conditions, such as arthritis, sore joints, and broken bones. But thanks to increased scientific study, we’re learning more about inflammation’s role in many other conditions. Excessive inflammation may be a key contributor to heart disease, stroke,... [More...]

Smoking’s Connection to Back Pain Smoking’s Connection to Back Pain

Numerous health consequences of smoking have been known for decades. But you may be surprised to learn the damage this habit can do to your spine. In the last few years, more research indicates a link between smoking and back pain. But tobacco itself is not the only culprit. The lifestyle adopted by many smokers can also aggravate the spine. Nerves... [More...]

The Deceiving Nature of Whiplash The Deceiving Nature of Whiplash

The traffic light ahead turns red. You bring your vehicle to a stop. Then BANG! Your head snaps forward then backward. Your car is hurtled a foot into the intersection. You realize almost immediately what just happened. Your vehicle was rear ended. Other than being startled by the event you’re ok…or are you? Despite feeling fine, you may... [More...]

Can Chiropractors Help Children with Infantile Colic Can Chiropractors Help Children with Infantile Colic

For both mother and baby, infantile colic give them something to cry about. Your chiropractor understands that when a child is inconsolable, it’s not only the child who suffers. A colicky infant can easily affect the psychological, emotional and physical health of the entire family. This is why chiropractors urge parents to seek immediate care... [More...]

Chiropractic Decreases the Impact of Stress Chiropractic Decreases the Impact of Stress

Adjustments are commonly known to relieve musculoskeletal pain and tension. But did you know that they can also contribute to the recovery from the other dangerous side effects of stress- including high blood pressure and nervous system dysfunction- thus improving the health of all tissues and organs in the body? What Does Stress Do To Your Body? Physician... [More...]

Chiropractic Can Lend a Hand for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chiropractic Can Lend a Hand for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Your chiropractor is skilled at treating carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)- a painful condition involving the hand and wrist. Symptoms often include numbness, tingling, weakness, or muscle-wasting in the thumb and index finger. The fingers may also have a tendency to feel swollen, although no swelling is present. All of these symptoms are attributed to an... [More...]

Text Neck: Modern Day Epidemic Text Neck: Modern Day Epidemic

There has been an increasing epidemic of spinal issues due to people hunching over their phones, commonly known as “text neck.” While we’ve been saying this for quite some time, many people are simply unaware of the damage they’re doing to their spine—and overall health. Why Does Text Neck Happen? When you’re hunched over your phone, your... [More...]

Medicinal Secrets of the Magnificent Mushroom Medicinal Secrets of the Magnificent Mushroom

On September 19,1991, two German tourists hiking in the Alps came across what would become one of the greatest anthropological finds of the twentieth century. On a mountainside they discovered the mummified remains of a 5000-year-old man-much of his body preserved in ice and snow. Among this ancient iceman’s belongings were mushrooms. Experts... [More...]